Who We Are

Our goal
Hunter Hillel gives students Jewish friends, mentors, and community so that they can each pursue lives of joy, courage, and meaning in college and beyond.

We envision
A world in which students find supportive community, self-confidence, happiness, and meaningful Jewish connection as a rite of passage. These individuals go on to change the world.

At Hunter Hillel students will forge meaningful friendships, meet dedicated mentors, and have the opportunity to celebrate the Jewish calendar and engage in Jewish learning. Hunter Hillel is for every Jew, of every color, from every country, of every sexual orientation, speaking every language, and studying every subject.

We believe that this happens through:

  1. Jewish friends. Asking big questions in the context of community is a powerful experience. Being Jewish and exploring what that could mean to us is best done in partnership with others.
  2. Mentors. College a time of reckoning. Who do we want to be? What do we want to do? We’re here to be with you as you figure that out, and to provide spirit fingers as needed.
  3. Encounters with “otherness.” For many of us, college is the only venue in which we will have the time, the space, and the resources to interact with people of radically different backgrounds from their own. The global Jewish community looks and feels differently for everyone—and we want to be able to share that with one another.
  4. Shared Narrative. One of the most exciting parts of being Jewish means that we get to have a stake in the next chapter of our people’s narrative. Together, we’ll engage with big questions and see what Jewish text and practice can offer us in navigating our everyday lives.  
  5. The Jewish calendar. Anchoring us in a unique way of life, the calendar tells the story of the Jewish people through collective ritual. Our calendar is filled with moments that mark milestones, world changes, and joyful experiences!
  6. Service. Our tradition beseeches us to serve others and make our impact on our world. Whether it be through communal leadership, social action work, or religious practice, we focus on service together.